2011 MP-community-plan

The main planning document resulting from a 2-year process involving  community stake-holders. Two setbacks appeared as the plan entered implementation stages:

  • A new zoning schedule called for in the plan was not implemented (for example Lower Main Street from 2nd to 7th Avenues).
  • The urban planning methodology is either woefully out of date, or not there at all. The desire to build sustainable neighbourhoods in Canada, North America and western Europe is making communities rethink key issues in neighbourhood design.
  • In Mount Pleasant, the municipality is applying downtown tower zoning anywhere and everywhere. The reason? To collect land lift revenues generated by site-by-site rezoning of land from human-scale high-densities to hyper-scale tower densities.
  • Public consultation and the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee are being treated like so much icing on the cake.

C-3A zoning

In absence of new zoning schedules, redevelopment in strategic locations in Mount Pleasant will have to rely on Comprehensive Development negotiations. It is generally held that existing policy is adequate (including C-3A and IC 1 & 2 below). An option exists to apply these zoning schedules in Mount Pleasant, circumventing re-zonings altogether.

C3A Design Guidelines

The generic guiding principles for redeveloping the Central Broadway corridor.


A zoning schedule to fit mixed-uses into industrial zones, especially along the main arteries.

Historic Context Statement for Mount Pleasant — May 2008

Written by Bruce MacDonald, Donald Luxton & Associates for the City of Vancouver.

1990 HARP Project

A Historic Area Revitalization Plan was set up in Mount Pleasant in 1990:

Mount Pleasant got $385,500 and some of the buildings in [the heart] block such as the Broadway Rooms (John’s Jukes) received HARP money.  There were two parts to it, the “1. Heritage Facade Restoration…”  and the “2. Brewery Creek Interpretive Program” which became the cairns with plaques project.

B. Macdonald

However, this effort was not of the same calibre as Gastown, Yaletown or Granville Island. The public realm did not receive a substantial investment from the City, or senior levels of government acting as partners. 25 years later we can see that unless the effort is substantial, the results don’t materialize.


1897 Fire Insurance Map — Mount Pleasant (south)

1912 Fire Insurance Map — Mount Pleasant (south)