Vancouver Councillor gets the Urbanism Wrong

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During the 23 october 2013  Mount Peasant Community Plan Implementation Public Hearing held at Council Chambers Councillor Geoff Meggs consistently asked speakers at the podium misleading questions about the Mount Pleasant Charrette Plan. Prepared by the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee (MPIC) acting independently of City planners the plan boldly calls for a New Planning Paradigm to come into effect outside the downtown tower districts.

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City Council to Approve Staff Plan for Mount Pleasant

IVANCOUVER CITY COUNCIL is expected to adopt a sweeping planning-and-policy reworking of the Mount Pleasant community at the planning and environment committee meeting on November 18, 2013.

The city staff report says the plan was developed through a process that included community outreach, workshops, open houses, and that involved residents, property owners and businesses. The reality is that a ‘fait accompli’ hatched in the planning department in close consultation with developers, is being pushed through as publicly-vetted policy.

The plan covers a range of issues including homelessness, alternative transportation, higher-density development, commerce, and arts and culture, yet it only deliver on one thing: tower zones and hi-rise on the key arterials.

Goals to create more affordable housing appear to carry no substantive recommendations.A focus on the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users is to be paid for by revenues from redevelopment. In other words, there is no certainty there either. Language supporting farmers markets and outdoor activities, and spaces for cultural and social events read like so many platitudes. There are no concrete plans behind them.

Communities Come Together


City Hall is applying the wrong planning paradigm in Norquay, DTES, Mount Pleasant, Marpole, Granview-Woodland, and West End according to the neighbours. The people are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. Join us 24 September at the front steps of our City Hall to keep our democracy free of the wrong kind of growth. The neighbourhoods are saying they welcome investment, but will not cede their future over to large scale development. People have clearly indicated a preference for a human scale urbanism, and consultative planning processes.

Letter to Brian Jackson

The Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee held its final meeting on Thursday 12 September at 1 Kingsway Community Centre. All present agreed that the community consultation process lead by the city was a bust. The implementation of a community plan showed no variation from the deplorable pattern set by staff when the plan was approved late in 2010. The plan was foisted on the community without the final version of the plan being vetted by the group chosen to represent the community.

In response the group issued this letter to the Director of Planning and Mayor and Council. Read Brian Jackson’s reply here. Continue reading