Letter to Brian Jackson

The Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee held its final meeting on Thursday 12 September at 1 Kingsway Community Centre. All present agreed that the community consultation process lead by the city was a bust. The implementation of a community plan showed no variation from the deplorable pattern set by staff when the plan was approved late in 2010. The plan was foisted on the community without the final version of the plan being vetted by the group chosen to represent the community.

In response the group issued this letter to the Director of Planning and Mayor and Council. Read Brian Jackson’s reply here.

17 SEptember, 2013 10:23 AM

Mt. Pleasant Implementation package

Dear Mr. Bohus and members of the MPIC,

Thank you for your letter regarding the Mount Pleasant Community Plan implementation package. In considering your request for a timeline extension, I agree that it would be appropriate to give the MPIC more time to review the package. As previously requested, staff will respond to your earlier submissions by Friday September 20, and also provide the latest draft of the implementation package documents. From that date, the MPIC will then have two weeks to submit a succinct, consolidated set of comments, which we will include as an appendix to the report to Council. Please send your consolidated comments to Joyce Uyesugi in Community Planning no later than 5pm on Friday, October 4, 2013, and include a list of those who were involved in preparing the comments.  To allow this additional time for your review we have delayed the report.  The revised date for the report to be considered by Council is October 23, 2013.  Because of Council schedules in November and December, we cannot extend the time beyond that.


Brian J. Jackson, MCIP
General Manager of Planning & Development Services


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