5 Questions for Brian

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Brian Jacson, Vancouver City Planner, will be at the West End Community Centre tomorrow, 28 august 2013 to answer questions about the neighbourhood plan. Here are 5 questions I would ask Jackson about the City’s plan in Mount Pleasant.

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The Mount Pleasant Charrette Plan

 14 row houses (small)
Mount Pleasant Charrette Plan doubles neighbourhood population using buildings four storeys high or less.
In just seven pages and one summary sheet the Mount Pleasant Charrette Plan sets out a consensus alternative vision to achieve neighbourhood intensification.

The End of an Era

1912 crash

A Visual History of Vancouver, Bruce Macdonald (1992)

The signature feature of Mount Pleasant is its urbanism. It was built between 1908 and 1915 in the furor and frenzy that accompanied the run up to the opening of the Panama Canal (1915). However, there is evidence that points to the construction window being much tighter than seven years. The chart shows a precipitous decline in the issuance of building permits starting in early 1912. Continue reading

The New Urban Paradigm

Livable Streets, Walkable Neighbourhoods, Affordable Regions


China Creek Park

Re-zoning neighbourhood land to tower densities is fuelling land speculation and triggering a crisis in housing affordability. How can we reverse this trend, build walkable neighbourhoods and livable streets? Continue reading