Beware the RGS


This week with the introduction of a new Regional Growth Statement (RGS) City Hall signalled its intention to leach downtown tower urbanism into the first ring of historic neighbourhoods surrounding the Central Business District (CBD).

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5 Principles for Mount Pleasant Urbanism

3rd & Main

Main and 3rd Avenue

Five Principles for Mount Pleasant Urbanism

  1. Neighbourhood footprint
  2. Built Form
  3. Street Space
  4. Social functioning
  5. GHG-Zero Transportation

Five principles in urbanism can deliver walkable neighbourhoods and livable streets to our longstanding, most venerable neighbourhoods. We can obtain these results in the places we call home by restructuring them as a series of quartiers centered on the place of original settlement; building the urban paradigm with human-scale buildout; delivering social housing in sufficient numbers to meet demand; rebuilding arterials to support social functioning; and removing car trips from the street. Continue reading